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Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support in 2023.

Adkins Chiropractic

Alaska Health Care & Billing Service

Alaska Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Alaska Communications

Alaska Quality Care

Alaska Wood Flooring Supply

All About Smiles Dental

David's Jewelers

The Ellis Family

The Ellingboe Family

Global Credit Union - David Schuld

The Gordon Family

Grant Aviation

The Ito Family

The Jackson Family

Jake Gerondale

Janssen's Funeral Homes

Joene Schnell

Josette Munoz

The Lawton Family


Lounsbury & Associates, Inc.

Make Yourself Alaska

Maureen Smartwood

Modern Maid

Moose's Tooth/Bear Tooth

The Myers Family

Nitzia Loaiza-Angulo

Optima Public Relations

The Paul Family


Rennard Eyecare

The Richardson Family

Roger Hickel Contracting

Round Table

Rutgers University

The Rygh Family

Seawolf Physical Therapy

The Tapio Family

The Schuld Family

The Seidl Family

Shelby Wilson

The Simon Family

The Sjostrom Family

Sleep Centers of Alaska

The Suoja Family

Tieszen Chiropractic

The Wilson Family

Vine & Branches

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