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The Rules by Which We Operate-

TRYOUTS START March 4th thru MARCH 6th. 

March 4th: Main Gym 4:15-6PM

March 5th: Main Gym 2:15-5PM

March 6th: TBA

Make sure to complete the online registration process via one week prior to the first tryout. 


Directions on How To Register on ARBITER/PlanetHS and pay sports fees, click HERE.

Punctuality:  The Coaches expect all players to arrive early for games, practices, and meetings.  The first 15 minutes should be spent doing individual warm-ups such as dailies (with partner), juggling, and stretching.  Players who need to be taped or require minor medical attention, such as blisters, should report to the coach at least 20 minutes before practice begins.

Initial Team Selection and Placement: This will be determined during the first 2-3 days of practices by the coaches.  Due to the fact that we have limited facilities and a limited amount of time, player placement is not guaranteed for the entire season.  Players will be continuously evaluated for placement and playing time throughout the course of the season.

Players will be evaluated in the following areas:

1. Fitness:  A preseason conditioning program is of major importance to you as an athlete and as a team.  Your coaches cannot stress the importance of the superb physical condition of each and every member of our team.  Statistics show that most games are won and lost late in the game.  If a player is in excellent shape, physically, she can be expected to perform well mentally.  Your determination to do the job is increased, and your contribution to the team morale is raised.

2. Technical and Tactical ability within a team: You will be evaluated in small sided games subjectively. This has the advantage of evaluating the vital elements of real game skills, decision making, and the ability to play off of the ball. And especially, your ability to communicate and make other players better..

3. Individual Attacking and Defending: 1v1 (2v2, 3v3) competition will be used and constantly evaluated during try-outs.

4. Defensive ability: tackling, tracking, covering, and your knowledge of first and second defender principles.

Players: It is YOUR responsibility to know these policies.  Ignorance of a policy is not an excuse.  If you have a specific question on any policy, please feel free to talk to any of the coaches.

Training Schedule:  Will be determined before season's start.

Attendance Policy:  A record will be kept of attendance at practice.  All players are required to have 10 practices before they may play in a game.   If, because of illness, you cannot attend practice you must contact the coaches directly before practice that day.  If you know of conflicts with High School Soccer and other school activities such as band, debate, foreign language declamation competitions, SAT's, field trips, etc...then you should notify your Coach as early as possible.  Neglecting to inform your coach in advance about conflicts with practice times may result in loss of playing time.  Players must schedule these activities around practices and games.

Preseason Training Plan:  If each player will follow this 2 month training plan conscientiously, you will reduce the possibility of injury and you will have more fun at practices and games.

Running:  5 days a week 45-60 minutes at a pace you can maintain, but do some short speed bursts lasting 30-90 seconds in duration during the run.

Big Steps (lunges):  3 days a week, 50-100 reps.

Juggling:  Feet only 15-30 minutes each day.

Technical and Tactical ability within a team:  You will be evaluated in small sided games subjectively.  This has the advantage of evaluating the vital elements of real game skills, decision making, and the ability to play off of the ball.

Individual Attacking and Defending: A 1v1 later will be used during try-outs.  We will be adding restrictions such as man to man marking to train 1v1.

Basic touch on the ball: The goal is to juggle 100 or more, feet only.  Do not start the ball with your hands.


Players are judged daily on the following areas to determine playing time:

     1.  Attendance

     2.  Fitness

     3.  Attitude and effort in training and games

     4.  Injury status of the player and of other team members

     5.  Tactical needs of the team for each game


Playing time and team placement is not based on:

     1.  Grade level

     2.  Soccer club affiliation

     3.  Whether you were on Varsity or JV Teams last year at your school


Lettering in Soccer:  Players must attend all Varsity practices, participate in at least 80% of the League Games, and Coaches' discretion.  Participation means any amount of playing time in a League game.

Uniforms:  All players will be issued two(three for Varsity) sets of jerseys, two pairs of shorts, and warm-ups.   Shirts will be tucked in and socks pulled up at all times. Socks have to be purchased.

Game Days:  A bus will be provided for the transportation of JV Green and JV Gold team players to all games that conflict with school, CHS, and ERHS.  A player can ride home after the games with only their parents after checking with the coach before departure and a written, signed note from said parents.  Varsity will have to ride the bus for some games, but not all of them.  Players will dress up on game days as determined by the Coaches and the Captains.

Captains:  The players and/or Coaches will elect Captains for Varsity, and JV teams.

Things to bring to every practice:

1. Soccer ball, inflated with your name on it.

2. Water bottle with your name on it.

3. Soccer shoes

4. Running shoes

5. Shin guards

6. Warm extra clothes - Rain shell, gloves, hat, etc..for those days we actually make it outside.

7. Ball pump and needles

8. Healthy post-practice snack

9. A positive attitude!!!

If you have any questions, please talk to Coach Vonnie or Coach Jake or any of the other coaching contacts listed on the Coaching Staff page of this website.

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